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James Cunningham Sargent

James C. Sargent
James C. Sargent - c. 1994

SEC Commissioner, James C. Sargent
President Eisenhower appointed James C. Sargent as Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1956

SEC commemoration certificate
Certificate of Commemoration from the Securities and Exchange Commission

A younger James Cunningham Sargent

Becca and Jim 1964
Becca and Jim in 1964 at Nancy and Frank Seiberling Jr.'s Iowa home, Fairhill

Dancing with Daddy
Jim dancing with Sharah some years back

Jim Sargent in 1991
Jim Sargent in December, 1991

Becca at Jimmy's 90th birthday celebration
Photo by Grace Seiberling

Jimmy, Lydie and Becca
Jimmy, Lydie and Becca at Jimmy's 90th
Photo by Grace Seiberling


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